Benefits of a Ductless Cooling System

It’s time to upgrade your existing cooling system and, as a homeowner, you’re faced with the decision to choose an option that is right for you. For most, getting a ductless air conditioner is the way to go. It’s perfect for an older home, a newer home, when adding an addition, or when you want full control over a specific area in your house year round. In the end, they save you money, are more energy efficient, and improve the quality of air inside your home. Read more to see if this air system is right for you:

How it Works

No matter the challenges that your space presents, a ductless system can provide the comfort that your space needs. The ductless mini-system contains two parts: one indoor and one outdoor unit. The indoor unit is usually wall-mounted and delivers air directly into the living space. This single-zone system provides both heating and cooling to the specific area so that you can have control over that room. If you are looking to provide comfort to the entire home, consider a multi-zone system that has one outdoor system and five indoor units.

Easy to Install

Ductless systems, with both indoor and outdoor units, are installed by connecting refrigerator tubing and electrical wiring, which leaves no need for ductwork. They are installed by making a hole in the wall for the wiring and refrigerator line and are considered some of the easiest and most versatile units on the market.

Improved Indoor Quality of Air

Ductless systems deliver cleaner air to the rooms in which they are installed. Leaky ducts can allow for dust and other biohazards to enter your home while ductless systems prevent polluted air from spreading throughout the home as it uses a filtration system that purifies the air as it moves through the system. Unlike traditional systems, they eliminate air quality issues so that you can breathe happy in your home!

Save on Costs

A ductless system provides heating and cooling solutions to specific areas in the home instead of setting one temperature for the entire house. Placing control individually in multiple rooms allows you to control temperatures in the rooms you spend most of your time in and to turn it off in other rooms. The Samsung ductless mini provides a simple solution to saving on energy costs because you can avoid leaky ducts that account for up to 30% of air consumption in your home.

If you have been considering going ductless, or need more information on the installation process, visit our website or call us at (903)-838-6923 and one of our HVAC specialists can determine if this product is right for you!