The Impacts of Humidity on Your HVAC System

With the return of spring and the rise of daytime temperatures, homeowners will soon be switching off their furnaces and switching on their air conditioners. While homeowners focus more on their spring and summer trips than their HVAC maintenance, these delicate systems are at risk of breaking down because of a seasonal irritant: humidity.

How Does Humidity Affect HVAC Systems?

Managing humidity levels is one of the main tasks of an HVAC system and does so by circulating the air in your home over a cooling coil.

Once the air passes over it, any moisture in the air is cooled down into liquid form and kept in a condensation pan, sending the dry air back out into your home.

If humidity levels are too high in a home, the HVAC system must work harder to create a comfortable level. This means that parts and systems are forced to work harder and longer than intended, and run the risk of breaking down.

How Can I Protect My HVAC System?

The first step in protecting your HVAC system against moisture damage is to recognize the signs of excess moisture. When walking through your home, pay attention to the following signs:

  1. Does the air in your home feel damper than usual?
  2. Does the air in your home smell mustier than usual?
  3. Are your windows fogging up, even when you’re not cooking?

If you or a family member are noticing these signs, then it probably means your HVAC is working harder than usual and needs some relief.

Homeowners can lower the humidity levels in their homes through many methods, including dehumidifiers that will extract the moisture for easy disposal, or taking showers at lower temperatures to reduce steam.

Placing charcoal briquettes out in the open will also lower humidity because charcoal is a natural moisture-absorbing material. These briquettes can help clear out excess moisture for up to 3 months, allowing your home to stay comfortable all season.

Managing humidity levels in a home are just one of the tasks of an HVAC system, but overuse can risk malfunctions to the rest of your machine. Give our air conditioning experts a call today at 574-289-6511 or visit us online for more tips on how to keep your home cool and comfortable.